A Mother of a day, a teapot and a dilemna


Um, was I dreaming? What time is it? What year is it?


No dream. And an awful smell. Stumble to said source of noise and stench.

“Muuummm, I was sick in my bed.”

Fully awake now. Husband by my side. Battle stations!

Me bathing Miss-not-quite-three, he hosing and washing bedclothes. Both retching.

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A week in the life – Wednesday

Layne slept in until nearly 7 this morning. Wow! She is a good sleeper and usually gets up around 6. Now she’s up it’s time to stop expressing and make a move for swimming. Go!

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Fun in the sun!

20111104-115946.jpgWell, it hit 33.9 degrees (about 94ish Fahrenheit) in Rockhampton yesterday, so we were definitely in need of an outing to cool down. Through winter my favourite place in Rocky is the botanical gardens with its gorgeous gardens, zoo, tea rooms and park. In summer it is the Rockpool. We used to have a pool at our house but since we moved into boarding, we haven’t. Well, we can actually use the school’s pool (a beautiful 50m lap pool), but I don’t think I could do it on my own with the three kids.

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A week in the life – Tuesday


The boys have a 20-30 minute cat nap after breakfast at the moment. This is the SHORT window, where I try to have a shower and other bits that need doing upstairs. They aren’t rolling yet, so for the moment, it’s still safe to leave them on the couch. Not sure what we’ll do when they start to move! We are in a two storey house, with the bathroom and bedrooms upstairs, so this complicates things a bit (and gives me a GREAT workout). I LOVE long showers and from the minute Layne was big enough until the time when the boys were born, I would put her in the shower with me each morning. It meant we didn’t have bathtime at the end of the day when neither of us was up for it. Whatever works! Continue reading

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A week in the life – Monday

There’s a fine line between whimsey and tedium, which I’ll no doubt be crossing regularly this week. I thought it would be interesting (for me, and for my children later), to document a week in the life. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep it up for a full 7 days, but let’s see what happens. Continue reading

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Going swimmingly

No room for complacency on Wednesdays

This tweet is typical of me on a Wednesday. It’s the only day we have to be somewhere at a certain time, which causes me a certain amount of stress. Not to mention the tea deprivation. Now the boys are older and are feeding less frequently, things are a bit easier. A bit. Precision planning, excellent execution and a constant state of cat-like awareness are required for this kind of precision procedure. Continue reading

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Why I still buy bananas


The price of bananas - August 2011

It all started for me a couple of years ago when an old(er than me) lady commented on my putting 5 avocados in my trolley. “You know they’re $4 each don’t you”? I smiled and explained that my young daughter eats half of one every day and that when you look at that compared to a meal of baby food, that I was happy to keep buying them at any price. I don’t think she heard me… I kept buying them. Continue reading

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