Mooo has got you covered

Starting to find yourself in an endless whirl of birthday parties? Don’t know what to buy that tot who has everything? The good folk at Mooo have you covered. Mooo make customizable t-shirts, puzzles, bags, stationery, labels and invitations. You name it, they personalize it.

The clothing products are good quality cotton. The girl’s t-shirts are a pretty cut. The customizing process is easy to follow. Pick a style of t-shirt, rugby jumper or hoodie. Pick the colour. Then choose your design. The hardest part of the process is deciding which combination to go with.

There are designs a-plenty and you can even choose design colours schemes and add a child’s name within the design. Christmas, Easter, Mothers and Fathers Day are covered. There are also shirts specifying food allergies, and much more. Several of my daughter’s long-sleeved t-shirts attract comments when we are out and about. The only problem I have had with the shirts are the care instructions “do not soak”. Not particularly practical for a baby or toddler. I have ignored this instruction and the shirts have worn well.

There are four kinds of bags and three sizes of backpacks, duffle bags, lunch boxes, library bags and pencil cases. You have the choice of blue, pink or red and numerous designs, colour schemes and name personalizations.

I always felt a bit left out not having personalized number plates on my bike as a kid: Mooo products are the solution. The service is fast, the products are good quality and as a gift they are unique.


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