Why I still buy bananas


The price of bananas - August 2011

It all started for me a couple of years ago when an old(er than me) lady commented on my putting 5 avocados in my trolley. “You know they’re $4 each don’t you”? I smiled and explained that my young daughter eats half of one every day and that when you look at that compared to a meal of baby food, that I was happy to keep buying them at any price. I don’t think she heard me… I kept buying them. And I still do. Layne still eats half an avocado each day. This week, I started the boys on it too. It’s a great meal for babies, a nutritious snack for toddlers and a healthy meal for Mums on the run.

So what do avocados have to do with the price of bananas? Same thing. Kinda. Even taking into account that bananas (in Australia) are about four times more expensive than usual after Cyclone Yasi in January, I’m still buying them.

I bought four bananas yesterday. They weighed 0.462kg, and are selling at $12.98/kg. The total cost was $6.00, or $1.50 per banana. A jar of Heinz Toddler Yoghurt Banana and peach is $1.96 per jar (or $11.50/kg).

This comparison is between what is known as first and second order foods: unprocessed foods and their derivatives. OK at the moment, it’s a little bit cheaper to buy a jar of banana derivative, but which would you rather eat?


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2 Responses to Why I still buy bananas

  1. Sarah says:

    I love this post – and i never thought of it! bananas and other expensive fruits really are cheaper than a whole lot of snack foods and they are a lot healthier too. Thankfully the prices are starting to go down now, but next time there is a spike i will continue to buy bananas like usual, instead of just for a treat. They are very tasty after all! 😀

    • Thanks Sarah. The supermarket’s new unit pricing helps you to compare er… apples and apples.

      Just don’t convert the price per 100g if Lindt to per kg! Actually, I’d still buy it 🙂

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