Going swimmingly

No room for complacency on Wednesdays

This tweet is typical of me on a Wednesday. It’s the only day we have to be somewhere at a certain time, which causes me a certain amount of stress. Not to mention the tea deprivation. Now the boys are older and are feeding less frequently, things are a bit easier. A bit. Precision planning, excellent execution and a constant state of cat-like awareness are required for this kind of precision procedure.

T minus 12 hours: pram in car, swim and nappy bags by the door, clothes for Mum, Miss3 and Masters1+1 laid out, bottle/food bag on kitchen bench, capsules on the table. Ready to lock and load.

T minus 3 hours: rise and shine, up and at ’em, breakfasts all round.

T minus 2.5 hours: express milk, shower if Masters1+1 are asleep (bonus!), Miss 3 in swimmers and clothes, non-swimming people dressed.

T minus 2 hours: pack bottle/food bag, all bags in car, cup of tea (deferred).

T minus 1.5 hours: this isn’t so bad, why do I freak out every week? I’ve got plenty of  – oh crap! Is that the time?

T minus 1 hour: nappy changes for those applicable, Miss3 to the toilet (no result), housework (no, not now).

T minus 58 minutes: boys into capsules, Miss3 into carseat.

T minus 55 minutes: capsule back out of car, nappy change for the applicable person who has soiled theirs.

T minus 45 minutes: should have left 5 minutes ago.

T minus 41 minutes: minor meltdown for Miss3 because her t-shirt doesn’t have an “L for Layne” on it.

T minus 39 minutes: reversing out of driveway, Miss3 informs me her seatbelt is not on, oops.

T minus 36 minutes: stopped at the train crossing. What does this T minus stuff mean anyway?

T minus 17 minutes: arrive at pool, pram out, Masters1+1 into pram, negotiate gate.

T minus 10 minutes: Miss3 needs to go to the toilet (what is it with kids and public toilets?).

Miss3 at swimming lessons

T minus 2 minutes: on the pool deck, clothes off, goggles on.

LIFT OFF! Into the pool… for our 2o minute lesson.

Totally worth it.


About Passive Gourmet

I'm Danya. Living proof that sarcasm and optimism aren't mutually exclusive. I tweet and blog at the intersection of food, family and fun.
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