A week in the life – Monday

There’s a fine line between whimsey and tedium, which I’ll no doubt be crossing regularly this week. I thought it would be interesting (for me, and for my children later), to document a week in the life. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep it up for a full 7 days, but let’s see what happens.


A bit of a Dora stage at the moment

Monday 0801

Another cold one this morning. Seven degrees in September? This far North? Crazy. I missed hearing the kids waking up again this morning. I think I heard some babbling, but I must have drifted off for a while. When I woke up Tim had already taken Jordy downstairs. Layne was in the boys’ room talking to Jake.

Downstairs for the morning feed 200ml of EBM each. Hungry Hippos! The boys then go on the couch for a play while I wash the pump. Tim got Layne’s breaky and headed off to the dorm. He’s got the sinus thing back and we’re all about to follow the leader. We got it last school holidays. It’s now the last week of term and we just can’t shake it. I’ve pumped (360ml!) and am having some having some cuddles on the couch with the boys. Jordy is already asleep. Jake is murmuring to himself and not far off. Layne is watching her last show of the morning, Dora of course. I feel like I’m living in a female version of Toy Story with Dora subbed in for Woody. OK, Jake’s asleep. I’ve got about 15 minutes for a shower.


Jordy sound asleep


Jake nodding off


Synchronised sleeping


OK change of plans. There usually is! Layne was really, really hungry. So we had some toast and I tidied up the kitchen, then hung out the washing. Our awesome friend Hayley came by at 9 to babysit for three hours as she does every Monday. I also had an unexpected interview with a journalist today.


Happy little Vegemite


The book Roger Hargreaves didn't write: Little Miss Independent

This let’s me get things done around the house and a bit of work. Today it was trying to get through email and general organisation. A nice break from being on call.


Was feeding the boys while reading Layne a book and thinking how good I was going when Layne had an accident – the first time in months. That’ll learn me. Gave the boys a rusk to chew on and cleaned up.


Layne’s in bed now for her “sleep” which has been a mixed bag lately. I’m not too concerned. She stays upstairs and sings or reads books for an journey and she doesn’t crash too badly if she doesn’t get a daily snooze. Yesterday she emptied my purse and covered my desk in Post It’s that she’d scribbled over. Her sleeping on our bed was a throwback from being pregnant where we’d have a nap together each day. Those were the days! Now she has upstairs to herself and reeks havoc.

Busy nap time

Today I put her back in her own bed, which is currently a queen size bed. Long story that, but it’s working. I let her take one toy, but somehow a few friends snuck in for a pre-snooze party! At least she got to sleep today.


Spot the toddler

In the true nature of a multi-tasking Mum I’m expressing as I wrote this. The boys are on their play gym. We’ll have some cuddles soon. Not sure when their next nap will be. They have a catnap after their first feed, a longer one in the morning and then they just make it up from there. They are good sleepers at night, so I’m not too structured about their day. The days often vary so much, I’m not sure how I could structure it. The alternate sleeping means that the boys both get some one on one cuddles anyway.


Working out in the gym

It’s hard to get out of the house with all these varied sleeps going on. The boys could do with an outing right now and they’d sleep nicely in the pram – if Layne was awake. We’re muddling through a bit at the moment, but it seems to be OK.

OK expressing done (250ml – just over 1 feed each). Best find me some lunch before I enter that sugar spiral.

At the paediatrician’s now. Because the boys were premmie, they are still seeing the paediatrician. I was a bit worried that Jake hadn’t rolled yet, but the doctor was very reassuring and said give him a couple of months before I start worrying. That’s good – I’ll just see it as an opportunity to rest up before both of the boys start moving! The doc doesn’t want to see us again, which is good news (developmentally and financially).



Back home now and time for a snack. Strawberry milkshakes this afternoon thanks to a beautiful strawberry sauce recipe that I got from Jane of Australia.


Now it’s bath time. What a circus! Luckily we have an overly large bathroom. I’ll put some pics up of bathtime later in the week.

After baths, it’s straight into dinner. I ran over and got some food from the dining hall (what a saviour!!). Tim didn’t have time to eat, because he is on a prep shift tonight. Put Layne’s dinner on a plate for her, boys into their sleeping bags and last bottle of the night heated up. Fed the boys. Jordy fell asleep straight off the bottle. Jake wanted to stay up a bit longer. I ate a one-handed dinner nursing Jake. Then he, Layne and I had stories on the couch.


Jordy sound asleep - again


Someone's keen for stories tonight


All the kids are in bed. Jake is almost asleep, I have got some fairy lights on that they love watching at night. I sit upstairs in the study for a while just to make sure that everyone is OK. I usually stay here until 8, then into housework and bed.

The next day – wrap of the day

OK, all kids are asleep (actually Layne is pretending, but I’m OK with that). Pack dishwasher, put away the folding that Tim did earlier, put another load of washing on and hang on clothes airers, wash pump, tidy up, quick vac. Last express of the day and then into bed.

How do I do all that? I shock myself on a daily basis. I have been tired and sick and achey and sore for about two months now, but somehow I manage to keep on keeping on. I’d like to do more with the kids, get out more especially, but I’m already at 120% (and getting progressively worse at maths). I’m not complaining and I’m not looking forward to the boys being older or at the next stage or things being easier. We’re having good fun. I feel like we are starting to get a nice rhythm going and writing this down has already made me appreciate and look for fun and enjoyment in the little things.


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