A week in the life – Tuesday


The boys have a 20-30 minute cat nap after breakfast at the moment. This is the SHORT window, where I try to have a shower and other bits that need doing upstairs. They aren’t rolling yet, so for the moment, it’s still safe to leave them on the couch. Not sure what we’ll do when they start to move! We are in a two storey house, with the bathroom and bedrooms upstairs, so this complicates things a bit (and gives me a GREAT workout). I LOVE long showers and from the minute Layne was big enough until the time when the boys were born, I would put her in the shower with me each morning. It meant we didn’t have bathtime at the end of the day when neither of us was up for it. Whatever works!

A big thank you to Adventuroo who ran a Week in the Life. I started this in September, and have been sitting on a week worth of drafts since then. Even though I am also too late to join in the fun on her site, every day I saw her posts, I thought to myself “I really should get these finished off…” And now I am! Thank you!


These days, she baths in the afternoon with the boys or showers with Dad. So when I’m having my shower, she plays in the bathroom near me. Today it’s elastic bands – I mean SCARVES – on her little pony.


OK, back downstairs. Someone’s awake. That’s Jake. He is less inclined to move than Jordan, so I always put him on the chaise, and box Jordy in against the back of the couch. I love how affectionate Layne is with the boys. We’ve been super lucky with that. Might be a different matter when they start moving and wanting to suck on her toys.


Oh stickers. When I was a kid they were so precious that you didn’t want to stick them anywhere. They are so cheap nowadays. These little beauties were from a friend who gave them to Layne for a big sister present. They come in a book of 700. Thanks Shell.


Off to daycare which is a leisurely stroll away. I love that we don’t need to load up the car. And that I don’t actually have to go to work. So we take our time, and enjoy the journey (about 600 metres). Layne loves balancing on the gutter and jumping off.



She also loves checking out the flowers and leaves along the way. At the moment she picks me dandelions and other gorgeous weeds. So, so lucky!


Back home for a cuddle with the boys. They don’t really have any sort of daytime sleep routine yet. I’m not complaining, because they sleep all night – for which I am eternally grateful. They are slowly falling into a pattern. I think when their solids are more established, we’ll find something we can all work with.



The rest of the day was too much of a blur – but it’s the same thing most days, so we should cover it at some stage through the seven days.


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I'm Danya. Living proof that sarcasm and optimism aren't mutually exclusive. I tweet and blog at the intersection of food, family and fun.
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