Fun in the sun!

20111104-115946.jpgWell, it hit 33.9 degrees (about 94ish Fahrenheit) in Rockhampton yesterday, so we were definitely in need of an outing to cool down. Through winter my favourite place in Rocky is the botanical gardens with its gorgeous gardens, zoo, tea rooms and park. In summer it is the Rockpool. We used to have a pool at our house but since we moved into boarding, we haven’t. Well, we can actually use the school’s pool (a beautiful 50m lap pool), but I don’t think I could do it on my own with the three kids.

The Rockpool has a nice knee deep pool that Layne can cope with on her own nicely, leaving me to juggle the boys. She had a bit of a tantrum that she couldn’t do dives in the big pool, but there’s a limit to what I can do on my own. A couple of girlfriends were there too, but they have their own kidlets.

I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the effort of packing, juggling, changing and then in reverse, but we’re all cool, refreshed and tired: a nice way to be as we head into the heat of the day and family siesta time.


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I'm Danya. Living proof that sarcasm and optimism aren't mutually exclusive. I tweet and blog at the intersection of food, family and fun.
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