A week in the life – Wednesday

Layne slept in until nearly 7 this morning. Wow! She is a good sleeper and usually gets up around 6. Now she’s up it’s time to stop expressing and make a move for swimming. Go!

20110914-065406.jpgThanks to the magic of blogging, here we are in the car. That didn’t take much effort did it? The big sister LOVES sitting in the middle with the boys facing her in their capsules. She is like the queen of the backseat and has great fun with them.


Naturally at the moment, the boys are due for a feed right at the start time for Layne’s swimming lesson. Here we are on the pool deck enjoying some puree pears and yoghurt. It makes it hard to watch the lesson, but I try and duck in and out.


Here’s Layne doing some kicking laps. I think she is a bit of a lazy kicker like her Mum. She gets to each end and yells “I made it!”, like she’s just conquered Mount Everest. Despite how bored she looks in the pick, she does love swimming.


Bit of a rush today. I was going to do a “Week in the Life” during a slightly less mad week, but when does that happen?! I graduate from my PhD this week, so I needed to go and pick up my gown from uni. The graduation office had moved and I parked a bit away, but I didn’t realise until I had everyone out of the car. No worries, it was a gorgeous day and I thought we’d walk. I was keeping a close eye out for snakes and magpies, which both stayed away (thank goodness). We did get to see some kangaroos! I am always amazed by the grounds at CQU and how beautiful they are to walk around. They are very pram friendly too.


I think I mentioned that this wasn’t a normal week. When I picked up my gown we did a photo shoot for the local paper, who was writing an article about graduation. Just to make getting out of swimming lessons a bit trickier! I made these outfits for the kids. Aren’t they cute? By made, I’d like to point out that I made the transfers on the computer and ironed them on. Don’t you think my hat looks very Ecky Thump from the Goodies?


Layne was a bit tired after swimming, walking, kangaroo jumping and then the photo shoot. Do you think she looks over it? I love our pram’s versatility in carrying three!


It was a bit much for the boys too, who had a nap while we had lunch with some of the girls from uni.


They woke up not long after and who knew that they’d be hungry? A quick, but messy feed of avocado did the trick.


Home again, home again, jiggetty jog! These flowers were waiting for us. Layne quickly claimed them for her own. They were from Mum, who was apparently more bummed about not being able to get up here graduation then she’d let on – even trying to find flights up at the last minute. I wasn’t big about it – I only decided to attend at the last minute. It would have been a lot of effort for a short amount of time.


So, two days after the paedeatrician saying no worries with Jake not rolling, he rolled. Of course. Must be like an appliance working perfectly for the tradesman.


Layne’s up for a sleep, so I get a bit of cuddle time with the boys. The afternoons seem to be made up of yo-yo sleeping, as you can see in the picture. Oh well, it means everyone gets a cuddle!


Now it’s circus time – aka bath time. A quick bounce in the Jolly Jumpers while I get everything ready.

20110918-133415.jpgI let Layne pick what she’d like to do with her bath. She was able to fit in with both boys and their chairs, but it is a bit squashy… She can now wait until one of them is out and hop in with the other, or hop in after both boys are done and have the bath to herself. If Tim’s home, she will often jump in the shower with him at the same time I’m bathing the boys. Luckily our bathroom is huge.

20110918-133517.jpgI love what she’s doing here! We had the iPod going with nursery rhymes and kids songs. Humpty Dumpty came on, so she ran to get the two books we have with Humpty Dumpty in it and her Humpty doll.

20110918-133634.jpgThe rest of the day is way too busy to photograph. After baths everyone goes down the stairs for dinner and then it’s books and bed. Here is Jordy asleep and on his way up to the cot. Below is Layne. If the boys have fallen asleep in their high chairs, we have a few books downstairs, then I ferry the boys upstairs to their cots. Then we do teeth, hair and face, another book and goodnight. If the boys are awake, I juggle them upstairs and make things up as they go. Goodnight!



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